Julie Pray Walton is a retired college professor from northern Michigan who writes about the challenges of navigating the real and metaphoric wildernesses of life.  She plumbs the wisdom of faith and the necessity of friendship and community for living a life of purpose and service.  Her writing is rooted in her award-winning teaching, and its focal point is the story of two adventuring brothers who paddle the wilderness of the northern latitudes each year, seeking out the balm of companionship, healing, and physical challenge when one of them gets cancer. They have learned to heed the lessons of the sometimes singing, sometimes savage rivers of the far north.  Dr. Walton paddles, rows, sails, hikes, and bikes, and is also the author of the blog book Shared Table Blessings which you can find at sharedtableblessings.wordpress.com.  She warmly invites you to pitch your tent with her, and delve into some important areas of life and faith.  Most of all, she welcomes your comments and prayers.