J. Pray Walton writes about the challenges of navigating the real and metaphoric wildernesses of life, plumbing the wisdom of biblical faith and the revelation of God through nature. Her writing is rooted in her award-winning teaching in Exercise Science and Nutrition at Calvin University, Grand Rapids, MI. In her retirement, she has turned to writing to help others apprehend that friendship, community, hospitality, charity and reconciliation are necessary both for learning and service to God’s kingdom-calling while living in the world. Her eye and heart are keen for the challenge of the redemptive work of everyday life. Presently she is writing a short treatise on Psalm 73, as well as working on a book about brothers who paddle deep in the Canadian wilderness. Dr. Walton and her husband travel widely in an RV in the winter. They both like to paddle, sail, hike, and bike. She loves to cook and is a weekly volunteer at the local food pantry. You are welcome to read her freely-shared blog book Shared Table Blessings which you can find at sharedtableblessings.wordpress.com. Dr. Walton warmly invites you to pitch your tent with her at jpraywalton.com , and delve into some important areas of life and faith. Most of all, she welcomes your comments and prayers which you may send directly to jpraywalton.writing@gmail.com