Home~is Where You Pitch Your Tent

If you love the outdoors in any weather, linger here.  If spotting a soaring bald eagle or a watchful bobcat catches your breath, read on.  If you have ever stood on the edge of a river and wondered about the other side, this site will feel like a real home to you. This Side of the River, shared with you by author and professor Julie Pray Walton, centers on questions of living fully and dying well, on sickness, health, and aging in a culture of self-sufficiency, on the role wilderness and wilderness experiences in our concept of God and nature, and how one lives wisely.  Dr. Walton addresses wise living, and how it:

  • plumbs the depths of nature and the things of God
  • contemplates the lessons to be learned in the wildernesses of life
  • shares: meals, resources, time, stories and adventures
  • intentionally serves other people sacrificially
  • is faithful
  • moves in body, mind and spirit